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The Value Selling Platform,
built for Salespeople

Make it easy for your teams to discover, sell and deliver value.
Salespeople using Cuvama win 2x more, 43% larger and 30% faster.

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Trusted by the best Sales & CS teams

The platform guiding
Sales & Customer Success to:

Improve Qualification
& Discovery conversations

Guide reps to uncover prospect pain and communicate the impact it’s having on their business. Ensure they qualify out those that don’t fit your ICP, whilst building a strong case-for-change for those that do

Sell Outcomes,
not Features

Put your sales methodology into action. Give your team a dynamic guide that enables them to consistently connect prospect pain to the outcomes and value your solution can drive. 

Create Success Plans to Track & Realize Value

Enable CSMs to uncover what success means for a customer, create plans based on measurable outcomes, and track success delivered against these.

Build Collaborative
Business Cases

Create a business case with prospects, not for them. Guide reps to collaborate with prospects to build a case for change with credible ROI that they can champion. 

Confidently Sound like a Persona/Industry Expert

Enable Sales & CS to lead customer conversations with an understanding of the typical pain that persona faces and the value your solution will drive for them.

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The results our customers are seeing

Win rate
2 x

By enabling sales teams to discover value and sell outcomes rather than features

Increase in deal size
0 %

By enabling reps to uncover more customer pain points and connect price to customer value

Decrease in Sales Cycle length
0 %

By helping teams build a strong case for prospects to change based on customer outcomes

Leading the category,
Loved by sellers

Having a real impact
on sales team performance

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  • Value Discovery Guide – To drive deeper discovery and better sales discovery