Our Why

Cuvama exists because B2B SaaS is at an inflection point.  
The mass adoption of the subscription model means that customers have more power and control than ever. Customers need to see and understand the value of a solution at every stage of their interaction with a company, or they quickly move on to the next best option.
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We believe that long-term subscription relationships start by discovering, teaching and connecting with the desired success outcomes of the customer.
Failing to connect with the customer on value and success leads to low win-rates, high churn rates and damaged revenue growth & predictability.
But it’s hard to sell on value, and to align on shared success, and even harder at scale. That’s why we built cuvama.

Our Journey

Born from mgpricing consultancy, Cuvama is a team of B2B software veterans in sales, pre-sales, customer success, product marketing, professional services, operations and engineering.
In our view of the world, the lack of customer value management infrastructure is the single biggest obstacle to realising the revenue growth and valuation potential of SaaS companies.
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We believe that value-selling is NOT about delivering a credible business case via an ROI calculator. It is about fixing your customers pains, and it all starts with doing discovery right.
We are dedicated to creating and developing a platform that codifies our knowledge and experience, to help B2B software companies connect with their customers on value.

Our Culture

We pride ourselves in our diversity, and naturally share a deep appreciation for “connecting”.

We love solving hard puzzles together, in the same room or over zoom.

We are on a mission to solve this big, growing puzzle for the B2B software industry.

cuvama team in virtual call

Meet the Team

MG Gurbaxani headshot

Mrinal (MG) Gurbaxani

Co-founder & CEO

Alex Smith headshot

Alex Smith

Co-founder & CCO

Alessandre Naro headshot

Alex Naro

Non-Executive Director

Alessandre Naro headshot

Will Edward

Chief Sales Officer

Edgar Ngwenya headshot

Edgar Ngwenya

Chief Architect

Leyre Iniguez

Product Marketing

Julie Nestrenko

Product Design

James Labyer headshot

James Labyer

Product Manager

Florencia Chiple

Commercial Analyst




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Join the team and help B2B companies deliver delightful experiences to their customers by building a platform that connects on value.