Adapt IT partners with Cuvama to grow its EPM Division

AdaptIT and Cuvama


  • Business goal: Adapt IT EPM seeks to grow the revenue of their Streamline Expense Management solution that manages, automates and integrates enterprises’ technology vendor expenses.
  • Challenge faced: Adapt IT EPM provides solutions to 9 different industries with a complex value proposition. This means their business development team needs to confidently and quickly understand different prospects’ business problems and craft personalized value propositions aligned to the key business metrics they could impact.
  • How Cuvama helps: Cuvama guides Adapt IT EPM’s business development resources in live conversations to discover each prospect’s business challenges and build compelling business cases for the best-fit solution, connected to outcomes.

Adapt IT partners with Cuvama to grow its EPM Division

Adapt IT Enterprise Performance Management (“Adapt IT EPM”), a division of Adapt IT Holdings Proprietary Limited (“Adapt IT Group”), has partnered with Cuvama – the Customer Value Discovery platform that enables Sales and Customer Success to consistently discover pain and sell value.

Adapt IT EPM helps companies gain visibility into their expenses, so they can improve their ability to control spend, identify risks, increase productivity, and optimize spend decisions. Their strategic goal was to grow revenue of their Expense Management business line in the next 2 years, but they needed a way of enabling their business development resources to achieve this.

Adapt IT EPM has a complex value proposition meaning business development resources have to sell to many different personas and industries, all of which have distinct pain points and value propositions. This meant that they needed a solution that allowed their business development and sales teams to conduct constant discovery and personalize messaging to different segments and personas.

After looking at different sales enablement solutions, Adapt IT EPM found that only Cuvama was specifically focused on empowering business development resources to achieve the key objectives, enabling them to discover a prospect’s challenges and produce personalized value propositions.

Cuvama first structured Adapt IT EPM’s value proposition, mapping the different industries and personas they sell into, to the challenges their solution solves, and the business outcomes it drives. This mapping was then deployed into Cuvama’s discovery tool which enabled business development resources to collaborate with customers in discovery, uncover their specific challenges and build personalized business cases for their solution. 

Cuvama also provided a better buying experience for prospects, with less of a focus on showcasing product features, and more of a focus on understanding business needs and discussing the impact of solving them.

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We’ve found Cuvama to be groundbreaking. It’s empowered our sales team to consistently discover and align to what really matters to our customers – solving their business problems and delivering a positive impact to their business” 

says Shamit Makan, Adapt IT EPM Divisional Executive.

“We’re using Cuvama not just in our Business Development & Sales team, but also post-sales in Customer Success to ensure we understand and are connected to our customer’s priorities as a strategic partner.”


Alex Smith, Co-founder at Cuvama says “We’re delighted to be working with an organization like Adapt IT – a business truly focused on understanding their customers’ needs and delivering value to them. 

Cuvama is a perfect partner to Adapt IT EPM in their objective of enabling their GTM teams to consistently discover customer value and build personalized value propositions”


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About Cuvama

Cuvama is the Customer Value Discovery platform guiding Sales and Customer Success in live conversations to uncover pain, sell outcomes and reinforce success. The best B2B Go-To-Market teams know that customers don’t care about products, they want value. And they’re using Cuvama to ensure they are focused on selling and delivering value so they can win and retain more customers. For more information, visit:

About AdaptIT

Adapt IT EPM is a division of Adapt IT Group – a South African company and Level 1 B-BBEE contributor. Adapt IT Group provides leading specialised software and digitally-led business solutions that assist clients across targeted industries to Achieve more by improving their customer experience, core business operations, business administration, enterprise resource planning and public service delivery. For more information, visit:


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