Eploy uses Cuvama to ensure consistent discovery & to sell outcomes


  • Business Goal: Eploy wanted to increase win rates vs no decision, while increasing their Average Order Value and consistently uncovering the hiring challenges faced by different sectors and industries.
  • Challenges: Recruitment tech is typically sold based on features and rarely do sales reps have early access to the Economic Buyer. As a premium talent acquisition SaaS platform, Eploy sometimes found its deals stalling or ending in a price war.
  • How Cuvama Helps: Cuvama guides Eploy’s sales reps to execute consistent value discovery aligned to MEDDPICC, and sell based on outcomes rather than features. It enables reps to collaboratively build a value story with their Champions throughout the sales process, providing them with compelling business cases to sell Eploy’s value back internally to the Economic buyer.

Moving from feature selling,
to outcome selling

Eploy provides the premium Applicant Tracking System and Talent Acquisition Platform for in-house recruiters and Human Resources teams to help them work faster and smarter.

Despite having a market-leading solution, they found that some of their deals got stuck. Recruitment tech is typically sold based on features, demos were usually a ‘Beauty parade’ of everything the product did, and rarely did sales reps have initial direct access to the Economic Buyer.

That often meant that it was hard to convey Eploy’s true value to the buyer – resulting in deals dragging or being lost because of a lack of financial approval. Sometimes they had to resort to discounting to win a deal because their true value wasn’t seen by the buyer.

Eploy wanted to improve win rates against the status quo and competitors, while increasing their Average Order Value. They realized to do this they needed to sell based on value and outcomes, rather than features. And they needed to do this from the start of the sales cycle rather than just at the end.

Despite employing MEDDPICC as their core qualification methodology and a spreadsheet based ROI calculator, reps were not enabled to build a clear value story for the prospect. Enablement materials were fragmented and not used by sales reps.The ROI calculator was only used at the end of the sales cycle so wasn’t seen as believable and failed to uncover many areas where Eploy’s solution would deliver compelling outcomes for the prospect. Eploy needed something in addition to a sales methodology and enablement to meet their goals.

What Eploy wanted was a solution that guided reps to consistently uncover pain and sell based on outcomes. They needed it to be easy to use so it would be well adopted, as well as consolidate their existing enablement to make their value proposition more digestible for reps. 

In addition, Eploy wanted to ensure that its messaging for different sectors is aligned to the true pain and challenges faced within them, helping guide marketing, product development and implementation.

Cuvama was the only solution Eploy found that met this need. Configured with Eploy’s value proposition (customer personas, sectors & industries, pain points and success outcomes), Cuvama provided Eploy with a dynamic discovery and value selling guide for all customer facing functions.

They picked Cuvama because it:

  • Enables their team to execute consistent discovery aligned to their MEDDPICC methodology, and sell based on outcomes rather than features.
  • Allows salespeople to build a tailored value story from the start of the sales cycle – culminating in a compelling business case
  • Is customer facing, helping sales reps work with Champions and enable them to sell Eploy’s value internally to the Economic buyer or Buying Committee
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“At Eploy, our goal is to not just sell a product but to deliver real value to enterprise Talent Acquisition teams. Cuvama enables just this. It provides a unified platform that guides our reps to consistently uncover pain and connect that to outcomes the Eploy platform can deliver.  

The collaborative and easy-to-use nature of Cuvama has significantly improved prospect engagement and radically improved discovery – enabling us to shift from selling features to selling and delivering outcomes.”

Bruce Groves, Chief Commercial Officer at Eploy

“We’re delighted to be working with Eploy. We know they have a really valuable solution that has a real impact for it’s customers. 

We’re glad Cuvama can help them communicate this better to their prospects and customers.”

Alex Smith, Cofounder at Cuvama

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About Cuvama

Cuvama is the Customer Value Discovery platform guiding Sales and Customer Success in live conversations to uncover pain, sell outcomes and reinforce success. The best B2B Go-To-Market teams know that customers don’t care about products, they want value. And they’re using Cuvama to ensure they are focused on selling and delivering value so they can win and retain more customers. For more information, visit: www.cuvama.com.

About Eploy

From raising a ‘request to recruit’ all the way to on-boarding and beyond, Eploy’s cloud-based talent acquisition software helps in-house recruiters and human resources teams work faster & smarter. The Eploy talent acquisition platform redefines the ways in which your business attracts and engages with candidates to help build your perfect teams. For more information, visit: https://www.eploy.co.uk/

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