Pricefx are reimagining their GTM with Cuvama


  • Business goal: Pricefx wanted to significantly grow net new revenue in EMEA year on year for their leading Pricing software
  • Challenge faced: To do this Pricefx needed to move from selling features to a focus on selling outcomes to increase their Average Selling Price and Win Rates
  • Why Cuvama? Cuvama allows Pricefx’s sales reps to execute consistent deep discovery to uncover a prospect’s compelling pain and create personalized business cases across all opportunities.

Pricefx reimagined pricing software. Now they’re reimagining their GTM with Cuvama

Pricefx, the global leader in cloud-native pricing software, announced that it has adopted Cuvama to implement value selling in their GTM team.

Pricefx has a highly differentiated solution with the most breadth in the pricing software market. They realized that to really communicate this to prospects, they needed to build stronger value stories in their sales conversations. This meant a focus on doing deeper discovery to find a prospect’s compelling business pain and connect solving that to a business outcome their solution could drive. This would allow Pricefx to move away from talking about features to telling a story about business impact.

They picked Cuvama as the solution to drive this because it guides their Sales and Solution Consultant teams to talk about value, not features. Cuvama enables them to consistently leverage best practices from across their extensive customer base, show up as experts, lead with a point of view, and execute consistent discovery to uncover pain and business metrics.

Pricefx also serves many different industries, company sizes, and geographical locations with its leading solution. This can make it hard for sales reps to personalize the message and business case to a specific prospect and their situation. Cuvama doesn’t just guide Pricefx’s reps to tailor their discovery according to industry and persona, it also enables them to use the information collected in discovery to collaborate with prospects and create personalized business cases.

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“Many of our prospects and customers are looking at potential headwinds in 2024 around increasing dynamism in pricing in their markets.  Cuvama helps our Go-to-Market teams by making it easier to work with our customers to drive value for their business and mitigate the effects of these headwinds using our solution. Additionally, it helps our teams transition from selling features and capabilities to selling outcomes”, 

said Doug Fuehne, Senior Vice President, Customer Impact for Pricefx.

“Our goal is to continue to grow our business, and the best way to do that is to demonstrate the business impact our solution will have on our customers’ problems. Cuvama is the perfect platform to help us do that”.

“We’re proud to be working with such an innovative and customer centric business as Pricefx”, 

says Alex Smith, Cuvama Co-founder. 

“Pricefx have absolutely the right mindset and desire to focus on selling based on outcomes and value.”

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About Cuvama

Cuvama is the Customer Value Discovery platform guiding Sales and Customer Success in live conversations to uncover pain, sell outcomes and reinforce success. The best B2B Go-To-Market teams know that customers don’t care about products, they want value. And they’re using Cuvama to ensure they are focused on selling and delivering value so they can win and retain more customers. For more information, visit:

About Pricefx

Pricefx is the global leader in SaaS pricing software, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions that are fast to implement, flexible to configure and customize, and friendly to learn and use. Based on cloud-native architecture, Pricefx delivers a complete price optimization and management platform that provides the industry’s fastest time-to-value and lowest total cost of ownership. Its award-winning innovative solution works for B2B and B2C enterprises of any size, in any industry, in any part of the world. Pricefx’s business model is entirely based on the satisfaction and loyalty of its customers. For enterprises facing pricing challenges, Pricefx is the cloud pricing optimization, management, and CPQ platform to dynamically Plan, Price and Profit. For more information, please visit:

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