Cuvama and Jedox announce the continuation of their collaboration

Jedox continues to invest in Cuvama to accelerate sales and remove the uncertainty often associated with procuring software

  • The agreement follows a successful pilot project in which Jedox has reduced its sales cycle length by 30% on average.
  • Cuvama will provide Jedox global teams with a customer-outcomes centric discovery sales app to help sales reps do deep discovery on every opportunity, grow sales and improve customer retention rate.
  • Together they will remove the complexity of selling, and the uncertainty of buying Enterprise Performance Management software (EPM), making Jedox a more customer outcomes-focused organisation.

Jedox and Cuvama are delighted to announce the continuation of their collaboration with a new contract that follows a successful pilot project in which Jedox has reduced its sales cycle length by 30% on average.

Jedox is the world’s most adaptable planning and performance management platform with over 2,500 organisations in 140 countries using their software to make better planning decisions. The new agreement will see Salesforce integration and Cuvama roll out across all international sales teams, working languages, and Jedox value propositions.

The initial project with the customer value management solution provider Cuvama helped Jedox codify its value proposition across customer archetypes and provided the company’s English-speaking sales teams with a digital sales coach. As a result, Jedox managed to scale a successful sales process with a consistent proposition improving the performance of the sales teams.

“This isn’t about ‘using a tool’. Cuvama offers us a consistent and scalable selling approach, allowing us to run a sales cycle which focuses on the outcomes our customers are looking to achieve”.

“This intimacy of engagement helps to land larger customer engagements, materially reduce sales cycles, and differentiate to win more against the competition. Our collaboration has removed the complexity of selling, and the uncertainty of buying. As a result, Cuvama has helped to reduce sales cycle length by 30% on average”.
Johnathan Wood
CRO, Jedox

For Jedox it is crucial to move the sales conversation from technical requirements to business outcomes. Thanks to Cuvama, the teams now collaborate with customers to uncover business pains and align on success goals and outcome KPIs. Every team at the company then focuses on helping the customer improve KPIs that achieve these goals.

“We are proud to have emerged as a company that cares about its customers’ challenges and outcomes—and not simply a software provider that sells based on its solution’s features and functions or that encourages salespeople to focus on ROI calculations”.
Johnathan Wood
CRO, Jedox

Alex Smith, co-founder of Cuvama, adds: “I’ve lived and breathed the Jedox team passion for helping businesses optimise their supply chain decisions. But moving the sales conversation beyond typical business improvements can be hard. We are delighted to work with Jedox in order to educate the industry on how AI can disrupt their businesses results and the entire world.

Cuvama has given Jedox a differentiation advantage by identifying KPIs where it can offer unique value. Many of Jedox’s buyers are concerned about the current global economic uncertainty. Cuvama’s deep discovery has helped minimise these fears by giving customers confidence that Jedox understands their business and cares about their business targets.


About Cuvama

Cuvama is a pioneer of the customer value management category with a unique solution that enables B2B SaaS organisations to discover and deliver customer outcomes. Cuvama spans the customer journey. For sales, it nails and scales value selling. For Customer Success, it reinforces value with a success plan based on the agreed customer outcomes. And for Product and Marketing, it systematizes a better understanding of the most pressing customer pain points to evolve messaging & value proposition development.

About Jedox

Jedox is the world’s most adaptable planning and performance management platform that empowers organisations to deliver plans that outperform expectations. Over 2,500 organisations in 140 countries trust Jedox to model any scenario, integrate data from any source and simplify cross-organisational plans across all business systems. Jedox enables a culture of decisiveness and confidence so teams can plan for opportunities, react quickly to changes, and uncover what they didn’t know was possible.

Media Contacts

Leyre Iniguez
Marketing at Cuvama

Christine Hohlbaum
PR consultant on behalf of Jedox

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