Cuvama announces ProCARE as new customer

ProCARE Chooses Cuvama to Highlight the Value of Optimising Compensation for Healthcare Enterprise Organisations

  • ProCARE chooses Cuvama to emphasise the business value of streamlining compensation processes improving the efficiency and job satisfaction of physicians and other healthcare professionals.
  • Together, the teams have defined a differentiated value proposition that now powers ProCARE with a clearly explained and complete quantified value impact for each customer.
  • Early results demonstrate how ProCARE’s go-to-market strategy is becoming a game-changer with promising shorter sales cycles and business benefits.

ProCARE is pleased to announce that it has signed a new contract with B2B SaaS customer value management solution provider Cuvama. ProCARE is a provider compensation management and automation platform designed to elevate healthcare provider trust, performance and productivity.

Cuvama has been brought on board to achieve the company’s mission of The CARE Culture®, creating a supportive and caring culture through technology, conversations and advocacy. In addition to empowering healthcare organisations to automate compensation processes, with Cuvama’s Customer Value Management (CVM) platform, ProCARE is educating the industry on the business value of optimising those processes and the resulting outcome of thriving cultures.

“As a start-up stage company, we appreciate how Cuvama has unified our team on the quantified value we provide to our customers. From a go-to-market perspective, Cuvama is accelerating the commercialisation of the ProCARE solution, elevating the conversations to the executive level and shortening sales cycles,” said John Hancock, Chief Commercial Officer at ProCARE.

The go-to-market team at ProCARE adopted Cuvama as a game-changing tool to help differentiate their unique value proposition. Now the team can engage with executives articulating the bespoke business outcomes and value of how the ProCARE solution enables them to bridge the gap between strategic goals, payment methodologies and provider performance.

Cuvama is a powerful new addition to our sales and customer value management arsenal that is pivotal in differentiating the ProCARE solution on how we help productivity and job satisfaction rates of finance and administrative teams, as well as physicians and health care professionals”.
Jack Liu
Co-Founder & CEO, ProCARE

ProCARE sees the Cuvama solution as the enabler for these organisation-wide, outcomes-based discussions with the executives at healthcare organisations and sees Cuvama as the door to expand the ProCARE compensation management solution to new industries.

“We see start-ups with a complex value proposition win their first wave of customers because the founders are industry experts, and they have the context to deeply understand customer challenges. But scaling that knowhow is a common stumbling block. We are delighted to work with ProCARE in helping the founding team scale decades of experience addressing the complex challenges in the compensation management world”, said MG Gurbaxani, co-founder of Cuvama.


ProCARE Customer Story

The SaaS start-up approached Cuvama to highlight to the C-Suite the business value that ProCARE brings and accelerate sales by building and enabling a value-based go-to-market strategy.
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About Cuvama

Cuvama is the first native customer value management (CVM) platform that evolves the buying and selling experience for B2B technology companies.  Each Cuvama module spans a part of the customer journey, enabling SaaS businesses and their customers to match product capabilities to desired customer outcomes. This results in improved sales performance and customer adoption and value realisation for business. The Cuvama platform customer base spans B2B SaaS businesses headquartered in the UK, US and Europe.

About ProCARE

ProCARE cares about healthcare professionals, empowering teams with workforce innovations, transparency and control that fuel efficiencies and growth. ProCARE leverages two decades of proven concepts in ICM product design and architecture to address the most complex challenges in healthcare provider compensation, currently managing $10B+ in compensation for enterprise organisations. Their solution aligns patients, providers and health organisations to achieve increased productivity and improved performance.

Media Contacts

Leyre Iniguez
Marketing at Cuvama

Karen Cummings
Chief Marketing Officer at ProCARE

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