How fast can you teach your sales team a new language?

How fast can you teach your sales team a new language? It could be the difference between winning or losing in 2022.

Over my 35 years in B2B sales, almost every company I’ve worked at has struggled to replicate the capabilities of its rockstar sellers across the whole team. 

I’ve always been fascinated with how to enable the entire sales team to perform at the same level as the best performers. 

How can we take the attributes of consistent overperformers and implant those skills and behaviors in the rest of the team? 

This question is one of the main reasons I joined Cuvama. We’re passionate about solving this problem—because it’s game-changing for B2B revenues.

The Secret to Rockstars’ Success

Today’s selling environment has two big challenges that are messing with predictable revenue:

Larger buying groups with more complex processes

Significantly more competition and noise in the market

As a result, buying groups struggle to make decisions because gaining consensus is challenging and the number of vendor options is mind-boggling. Decisions are often delayed or put on the shelf.

Top performers seize this opportunity. 

They use their industry knowledge and experience to guide confused and frustrated buyers to consensus—and ultimately drive forward a deal that may never have happened.

This industry knowledge and experience also allows them to communicate with the customer in the language of business value and outcomes.

This helps focus consensus on wider business goals rather than the needs of individual buyers. It builds credibility in the C-suite and wins the buying team’s respect and trust.

Buying groups want a strong, credible seller to guide them and help achieve consensus so they can make a decision and move forward.

So how do we replicate these confident, super-experienced reps who speak easily about value and business outcomes and have the credibility to win buying group trust?

These reps likely gained their skills and expertise through long tenure with the vendor or in the marketplace. It’s almost impossible to scale a business based on locating that specific skill level.

This is particularly true given today’s hot employment market and the high staff turnover in B2B sales teams.

Learning to Speak a New Language 

The challenge is very solvable. Learning a new value proposition and how it brings value to a customer is not unlike learning a new language.

As someone who struggled with languages in the classroom, I know how hard it is to learn vocabulary and how nerve-wracking it is to sit in front of the class or teacher for an oral test. It’s a hideous experience that still leaves me cold.



But despite failing to learn French and Spanish at school, I managed to learn Cantonese and can get by in Hong Kong or Guangzhou without sign language or hoping to find an English speaker. I did this in just a few months by living and working in the region and being immersed in the language.

Every B2B industry has its own jargon, nuances and pain points. Understanding these is vital if you want to communicate value and build trust with prospects.

For new salespeople, this can be like learning a whole new language.

But we can’t expect them to do this from day one. And this is where Cuvama can help.

Cuvama helps salespeople to learn the language required to sell a new solution.

It does this by taking them and their customer through a step-by-step process to decipher the customer’s business goals. It allows them to connect what their solution does to these business goals.

It’s 100% tuned to their industry, their stakeholder’s role and their typical challenges.

The platform quickly supports and immerses the seller in a credible dialogue with the stakeholder—they quickly learn what resonates and what’s actually important to the prospect.

It allows inexperienced reps to guide (and be guided by) the wider buying group from day one. They can even have credible conversations with the C-suite.

Suddenly they surprise themselves with how eloquent they are in the value of their solution—resulting in a level of delight and positivity that’s very unusual just six weeks into a new role!

Within a few weeks of joining, a new seller will be able to engage, diagnose and define possible KPIs or outcomes across the whole buying group—putting them in the league of the firm’s top performers.

Our customers tell us their top performers are all the most prolific users of Cuvama. They also tell us that their new logo revenues have grown and that they have more sellers making quota than ever before. It feels like we have solved the problem—and as with all good solutions, it was very simple.

If you’d like to learn more about how we help B2B sales teams get their reps firing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact us at

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