It’s time to empower SDRs

It’s time to empower SDRs

I BELIEVE SDRS ARE SET UP TO FAIL .. thrown under the bus of Sales and Marketing expectation

Put simply, Sales wants credible, qualified opportunity and Marketing wants to register as many SALs (Sales Accepted Leads) as possible

SDRs find themselves in the challenging position of trying to please both parties with the result:

  • SDRs push for sales appointments whatever the situation or possible outcome – and often set the wrong expectations for the next step in order to close the appointment
  • Sellers become super frustrated when the prospect comes to the first meeting with the wrong expectation for the call and this has to be reset
  • Buyers become equally frustrated and confused that their needs are not being met and they’re passed from pillar to post

Sales and Marketing leaders .. it’s time to empower your SDR’s with more than just a script, yet more coaching or more analytics

It’s time to provide DIGITAL GUIDED VALUE DISCOVERY – so SDRs can start to GUIDE credible, authoritative value conversations with prospects – that set sellers up for successful first appointments

cuvama’s Digital Guided Value Discovery is huge gamechanger (we’re already seeing new logo win rates rise 20% – 40% as a result of early value discovery in our customers playbooks) .. Suddenly SDRs move from ‘Desperate Dan’ to ‘Expert Ellen’ – and start to be the rock stars they deserve to be!

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