Meet David Beriev

Our Lead Solution Engineer

David is responsible for all things relating to the Cuvama app. From presenting demos to app implementation and post-launch support, David ensures the perfect fit between our customers’ needs and the Cuvama solution. 

What did you do before Cuvama?

I worked at Salesforce partner organisation Customertimes. I joined Customertimes’ product division as a Salesforce consultant, where I led various exciting projects for big clients like Ipsen and L’Oreal, before moving on to build a value engineering department. My team was responsible for supporting the sales cycle by making sure our products truly solved our customers’ challenges. 

Why did you join Cuvama?

I met MG and Alex when I expected it the least, but when I needed it the most. Everything around me was changing, I’d become a father, and Cuvama seemed to be the last piece of the puzzle.

Customertimes was and is my family—I owe a lot to the people working there both professionally and personally, and I keep rooting for them. But for a multitude of reasons—some out of mine and anyone else’s control—I had grown to be complacent. The fire inside of me died down, and I wasn’t feeling fulfilled by the work I was doing.

When I heard of Cuvama and met MG and Alex, everything clicked. People talk about love at first sight, and this was it—the second love at first sight in my life (the first one being with my beautiful and amazing wife, of course). 

What the team at Cuvama was doing was something that I had been trying to build myself, but alone and without much support. I just had to be a part of it. When I met the other team members and learned the intricacies of Cuvama, from its culture to the product itself, I saw for myself that it was the dream come true.

Cuvama was more than just a cool job opportunity; it was a chance to join a group of brilliant specialists that were doing things the right way. It was a chance to be a part of something bigger than myself, to shape a whole new wave of companies, to build a new industry. I had no choice but to join Cuvama. 

What do you do at Cuvama?

My main responsibility is to lead everything technical to do with the Cuvama app. At a high level this involves making sure that we and our customers use the platform to its best capacity—whether that is configuring demos and client environments, or training and supporting others in configuring the app themselves.

But if we look deeper, it’s about being the main champion and ambassador for how the Cuvama solution should be used. That in itself connects to many areas of the company, from sales and marketing to demos, delivery, client success, client support, internal uses, and many more. The main question I always ask is: “Is the solution being used in an optimal way?”

As with everyone working at a startup, you end up wearing many different hats. With my system integrator experience, I ended up not only driving our internal and external Salesforce activities (like implementing Salesforce for internal uses, or project managing the Cuvama and Salesforce integration), but also technically overseeing the commercial tech stack (everything that is not product development). Although this was unexpected, it was a very welcome addition to my responsibilities! The great benefit of working at Cuvama is that you can really utilize your talents and expertise, and even find new unknown talents! 

What is the best thing about working at Cuvama?

I would have to say the people. From the “core” initial team to every new hire (and we are growing rapidly), everyone is the best of the best. It is amazing to be part of a team of such calibre—I just try to soak in as much as possible. 

But on top of the amazing talent Cuvama has, everyone cares. They care about the work they are doing, about the global vision of the company, and about each other, both professionally and personally. 

There is respect and transparency between everyone at Cuvama, which creates inclusion that I’ve never seen before. We are responsible for building the culture at Cuvama and we take it very seriously.

But of course the real best thing about working for Cuvama is the Friday games nights organised by our amazing lead engineer Edgar! Meet Edgar here. It’s always fun to just banter around and play games with the people you respect, admire, and look up to. 

And what about your favourite place?

London is my favourite place in the world. I lived in London for many years and it is truly my second (or even first) home. There is no other place that clicks with me to that degree, from the abundance of opportunities (professional and leisure), to the architecture, the blend of cultures, food options (OMG, the restaurants!) and, most importantly, the people (yes, there is a trend here). 

There is no place on earth that is as diverse and inclusive as London, with bankers, CEOs, students, baristas, and construction workers all sharing a cup of coffee (or most likely a pint of beer) and a wholesome conversation. London is not the capital of Great Britain, it’s the capital of the world.

Even though I don’t currently live in London, it is calling for my return. I will be back… just wait!

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