Meet Edgar Ngwenya

Meet Edgar Ngwenya

Our lead engineer

Edgar keeps our tech running smoothly. His main focus is leading the development of Cuvama’s Platform, ensuring that it is scalable, reliable and performant.

What did you do before Cuvama?

I was at a UK-based start-up called Voyanta. I wrote the first lines of code for Voyanta, became their head of engineering, and worked there through its acquisition by Altus Group. At Altus, I joined their architecture team and helped launch new SaaS products.

How has it helped prepare you for this role?

I learned a lot at Voyanta and Altus. It was where I was introduced to the technologies we use at Cuvama.  I’ve copied the good technical decisions and avoided the bad ones. I earned my certifications on Amazon Web Services during this time as well. Also, I think that I benefitted from having a team of architects to bounce ideas off, ask questions, and refine solutions. Conversations such as, “Will this work in production?”, “Is it scalable?”, and “How do we recover from errors?” were invaluable to my learning.

Why did you join Cuvama?

Cuvama came to me at the right time. Altus was a large company but I wasn’t really feeling fulfilled by my work. I had been working there, in one form or another, for seven or eight years. I’d seen the company grow from a startup, and I’d stayed on past its acquisition. I was ready for a new challenge where I could revisit the energy and chaos of working for a startup again.

Joining Cuvama wasn’t solely about trying to recapture a feeling. I’d known MG (Cuvama’s Co-founder) before Cuvama, so I got an inside peek at its inception. The team was doing things the right way – prototyping designs, getting feedback from customers, iterating. In general, they were operating the way I think a young company needs to. When the opportunity came to join, I jumped at it.

What is your morning routine?

I’m a morning person. I like to wake up around 6 am, meditate, and then work out. I’m trying to get back into running, so this is a good time for me to get a jog in. From 7:30 to 8:30 is my time. I believe in the saying, “pay yourself first.” This is the time for me to focus on any admin, planning, or personal development I’m working on. I fix breakfast at 8:30 or so. If I’m running late I might skip breakfast, but I really prefer to eat. I play Wordle and Heardle, and then I’m ready to start work.

And your favourite podcast?

My favourite podcast has changed over the years. Back when I started listening to podcasts, I listened to a bunch by comedians. Nowadays, it’s more business and economics. Planet Money by NPR is a regular listen for me. Currently, my favourite is The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway. His podcast covers the business world, with interesting guests and topics. Moreover, I like Scott’s personality. He seems like a self-aware capitalist, which is similar to where I want to be myself.

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