ProCARE Customer Story

How Cuvama helps co-founders clone themselves

ProCARE Customer Story

ProCARE is a B2B SaaS Provider Compensation Management platform designed to elevate healthcare provider trust and performance. It helps North American healthcare organisations streamline compensation processes, as well as educating them on the value of doing so.

ProCARE approached Cuvama to accelerate sales by building and enabling a value-based go-to-market strategy so that the value that ProCARE brings can resonate more with senior customer stakeholders.

We spoke to ProCARE Founder and CEO Jack Liu and Chief Commercial Officer John Hancock to find out more.

Jack Liu
Founder and CEO at ProCARE

Quantified Outcomes


Increase in sales-qualified leads


Sales cycles


C-Suite engagement

About ProCARE

  • Industry: Compensation Management
  • Location: North America
  • Company: B2B Start-Up

Before Cuvama

Since it was founded in 2016, ProCARE has struggled to emphasise the business value of streamlining compensation processes improving the efficiency and job satisfaction of healthcare professionals. ProCARE believes that the key is on educating the senior stakeholders on the business value of optimising those processes and the resulting outcome of thriving cultures.

Before Cuvama, the ProCARE team found it difficult to access the C-suite and to explain and quantify how a compensation solution can push productivity and retention rates among others.

The results were long sales cycles—it wasn’t unusual for enterprise deals to take up to 18 months and various stages of alignment and rework to build a business case that could be signed off. Limited awareness of the value that ProCARE could deliver along with engagements that were mostly feature-lead, lacked a well-developed lead qualification process.

After Cuvama

The thought process in selecting Cuvama centred around the inception of value with our customers. We found that by engaging with our customers early and throughout the sales cycle we were able to arrive at a more compelling value proposition in a collaborative manner. Jack Liu, founder of ProCARE.

The Cuvama Customer Value Management (CVM) platform has enabled ProCARE to create differentiated and compelling value propositions that are customised to functional and senior stakeholders. Now the sales team can clearly explain and quantify the value that their solution provides to each of its customer archetypes.

“Allowing customers to collaborate and arrive at the value proposition is powerful for our sales. Being able to qualify those value drivers is a big differentiator for the C-suite.” Jack Liu.

Cuvama has also enabled ProCARE to collaborate with customers on the sales process. This is especially true of ProCARE’s customer champions, who are now better prepared to sell internally to their C-suite how ProCARE bridges the gap between strategic goals and payment methodologies. Mobilisers can access their digital self-discovery to make changes and generate collateral that they can use to drive an internal business case.

In just a month, ProCARE was using Cuvama as its own branded tool. The value coaching sessions helped ProCARE structure, codify, and refine the company’s value proposition across the different customer archetypes. Further support made sure that the team was comfortable using the CVM platform in the way that suits their sales style.

“Cuvama is pivotal in differentiating the ProCARE solution on how we increase the productivity and job satisfaction rates of finance and administrative teams, as well as physicians and health care professionals.” Jack Liu.

The Results

Since implementing Cuvama, ProCARE has experienced a 30-50% increase in the number of sales-qualified leads it has generated.

The company has also differentiated its offering and increased engagement with senior stakeholders thanks to its new codified and quantified value proposition.

From a go-to-market perspective, Cuvama is accelerating the commercialisation of the ProCARE solution, elevating the conversations to the executive level and shortening sales cycles.” — John Hancock, Chief Commercial Officer, ProCARE.

What’s Next?

With encouraging early results, the team plans to use Cuvama in all its sales opportunities to further decrease the length of its sales cycles and better engage with its C-Suite stakeholders.

ProCARE is also deploying the lead generation solution in their website allowing their visitors to self-discover the value that ProCARE can bring to its organisation, and use this innovative strategy to start the outcomes conversation.

If you want to refine your sales process by focusing on value-based selling then look no further than Cuvama. They have been a game changer for us.” — Jack Liu.

Recommendations to other Start-Up CEOs

Jack’s advice to other start-ups that are looking to refine their sales process by focusing on value-based selling is:

  1.  Get consensus from the wider buying group. Discover the challenges facing the customer’s business from the perspective of all stakeholders—especially senior executives. By taking each stakeholder through the discovery process, you get them to buy into your sales process in the same way your mobilizer does.
  2. Sell on outcomes—not features and functions. This case study is a perfect example of why selling on features doesn’t work. By focusing on organisational goals ProCARE was able to elevate sales conversations and provide a more convincing proposition to senior management.

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