Solution Overview

The platform making selling & delivering value easy

Cuvama provides a value selling tool that enables even your average reps to be a credible value expert and sell business outcomes, not products.

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Solution Overview

Cuvama makes selling & delivering value easy

Cuvama is a value selling platform that helps revenue teams sound like credible experts and sell outcomes, not products.
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Discover Value

A real-time discovery guide enabling your Sales teams to ask the right questions, uncover pain and align on outcomes

Realize Value

Transfer Why a customer bought, not just What they bought, to Customer Success so they can create a success plan, track delivery and reinforce value

Optimize Value

Capture the insight into the pain points and outcomes customers care about to evolve your value proposition

Value Selling Tool: Challenge to KPI

The tool to scale value selling

Cuvama guides all your reps to have the right value conversation in real-time. We enable them to be an expert in your value prop and dynamically link a buyer’s challenges to the business impact your solution will drive.

Unlike your existing...

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How Cuvama's value selling tool works

Cuvama’s 5 steps to value management

1: Codify your Value prop

Your solution’s value is mapped to persona and market segment pain points, KPIs and outcomes

2: Enable value selling

We configure your value proposition into the Cuvama value selling tool to enable your whole sales team to be value experts

3: Collaborate with prospects

The discovery tool is used to engage prospects; lead with a point of view, uncover customer problems, align on outcomes, and create a business case for every opportunity

4: Empower Customer Success

The discovery record and business case is passed to customer teams to enable them to reinforce value ongoing with a success plan based on why the customer bought

5: Evolve your proposition

Product and Marketing gain the insight to better understand what prospects and customers really value

Customer Value Management: Implementing Value Selling
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Elevate your tech stack

Cuvama is not just another bolt on tool. It combines your messaging docs, sales methodology, discovery guide and ROI calculator into a single application that helps sales in live conversations.

Even better, it is fully integrated it into your CRM so you can report on why a customer bought, not just what they bought.

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Value Selling tool and tech stack

How B2B companies use Cuvama

Improve Sales Discovery

Transform your sellers into value experts, enabling them with right information and process

Scale Value-based Selling

Give every sales rep what they need to consistently sell value every time

Customer Success Value Enablement

Empower Customer Success to talk about business outcomes, not customer service

Better Quality Leads

Introduce value from the first customer interaction to get better quality leads

Unleash your Value Prop

Free your value prop from the heads of experts and generic messaging docs

Discover Cuvama

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Learn how Cuvama is helping reduce sales cycle length by 30%

Our collaboration has removed the complexity of selling, and the uncertainty of buying. As a result, Cuvama has helped to reduce sales cycle length by 30% on average
Jonathan Wood
CRO, Jedox
Jonathan taling about Cuvama's Value Selling Tool

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