Win more, Retain more

Guiding Sales & CS to uncover pain
& talk about impact

The platform using your unique value proposition to guide Sales and CS to discover customer pain, sell outcomes and  deliver value.

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Win more, Retain more

Guiding Sales & CS to uncover pain & talk about impact

The platform using your unique value proposition to guide Sales and CS to discover customer pain, sell outcomes and deliver value.
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Cuvama enables GTM teams to:

Discover Pain

A real-time discovery guide and value selling tool. Enable your GTM teams to lead with a hypothesis and uncover compelling pain for different personas / industries.

Sell Outcomes

Build compelling business cases with prospects, not for them. Cuvama enables you to co-author a business case with your prospect, connecting pain discovered to outcomes and ROI.

Deliver Value

Empower CS to create mutually agreed success plans based on outcomes and impact. And then track success delivered to customers so you can renew and grow accounts.

Value Selling Tool: Challenge to KPI

Cuvama was built to be different

Unlike the rest of your enablement, Cuvama’s platform empowers your Sales & Customer Success reps to have the right customer conversation focused on value. 

Unlike your existing...

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The results our customers are seeing

Win rate
2 x

By enabling sales teams to discover value and sell outcomes rather than features

Increase in deal size
0 %

By enabling reps to uncover more customer pain points and connect price to customer value

Decrease in Sales Cycle length
0 %

By helping teams build a strong case for prospects to change based on customer outcomes

How Cuvama's platform works

1: We Map Your Value Proposition

We map your value proposition(s) to different personas, industries and segments using our internal expert consultants. 

Think this will take too long? Think again. We’ve done this for Fortune 50 companies with hundreds of products in less than 4 weeks using their website, customer case studies and a little help from Gen Ai.

2: Your Sellers are Enabled to Sell Value

Your mapped value proposition is deployed into Cuvama’s value selling tool to guide Sellers to discover pain and sell outcomes. 

Fully integrated into your CRM, Sales Leaders can see exactly which opportunities have the right qualification information and which have a business case attached. Never has your pipeline health been so clear!

3: Customer Success are Equipped to Realize Value

When the deal is closed, CSMs receive why a customer bought (not just what they bought) to build their success plans and deliver value. 

Ensure Customer Success can track success delivered against the agreed outcomes so they can reinforce your value in their business reviews. Now that’s how you secure the renewal. 

Customer Value Management: Implementing Value Selling
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Elevate your tech stack

Cuvama is not just another bolt on tool. It combines your messaging docs, sales methodology, discovery guide and ROI calculator into a single application that helps sales in live conversations.

Even better, it is fully integrated it into your CRM so you can report on why a customer bought, not just what they bought.

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Value Selling Tool in tech stack

How B2B companies use Cuvama

Improve Sales Discovery

Transform your sellers into value experts, enabling them with right information and process

Scale Value-based Selling

Give every sales rep what they need to consistently sell value every time

Create & Track Success Plans

Build success plans based on measurable outcomes and track success delivered against these 

Build Stronger Business Cases

Collaborate with prospects to build credible business cases that connect their specific pains to outcomes and ROI 

Unleash your Value Prop

Free your value prop from the heads of experts and generic messaging docs

Discover Cuvama

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Learn how Cuvama is helping reduce sales cycle length by 30%

Our collaboration has removed the complexity of selling, and the uncertainty of buying. As a result, Cuvama has helped to reduce sales cycle length by 30% on average
Jonathan Wood
CRO, Jedox
Jonathan taling about Cuvama's Value Selling Tool

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