Why Customer Value Management


The new way to win

Everyone wants customers to understand the true value of their solution. Yet far too many B2B companies still talk to customers about products, and not business outcomes.

Customer Value Management Wheel

Communicating Value is now expected

Customers are bombarded with potential solutions for every part of their business. And budgets are tighter than ever before. It’s now tablestakes to demonstrate how you will solve your customer’s problems and deliver actual business outcomes (Psssst… that’s what we mean by customer ‘Value’).

Why Value is important

Selling Value isn’t just a ‘sales thing’…

It’s a customer-first mindset. And since Customer Success is about making customer’s successful (shocker!), this means you need to align on, deliver and reinforce Value throughout the customer lifecycle… Now that’s selling value.

Getting Customer Value Management right generates great results…

We believe that B2B companies who connect with their buyers on Value will win over those who push products.

Doing this over the whole customer lifecycle – from first touch point in the buyer journey, through the sales cycle and integrated into customer success – is what turns selling value into Customer Value Management (CVM).

Furthermore, feeding customer value insights back to Product and Marketing to enhance an organisation’s proposition creates a virtous cycle, delivering that holy grail of business buzzwords – the flywheel effect.

And we’re seeing strong evidence of its success with our customers.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s some research from those super smart people over at Gartner. They even produced a report on it here.

If you get Customer Value Management right

Yet most companies fail at Customer Value Management

Selling value, the foundation for Customer Value Management, isn’t a new concept – it’s been around for decades. But even with multiple sales methodologies, extensive training, expensive consultants and countless sales and marketing technologies…

Everyone knows they should...
...but the common reality is

Why are teams failing?

The key to selling value is connecting your solution to a customer’s specific problems and desired business outcomes. If your value proposition isn’t mapped to persona and segment pain points, KPIs and outcomes, value selling simply can’t happen (at least not well).

Some reps are far more comfortable talking about features than business value. So what do they do? You guessed it, they rush straight to presenting the solution. To get the confidence to discover customer problems and discuss business outcomes reps need real-time enablement they can access during live conversations… Your annual sales training just isn’t going to cut it.

Too many organizations fail at scaling value-selling beyond their top performers. They lack a way of capturing best practice and enabling the sales org with a consistent process. The result? That handful of top performers carry the team (talk about inefficient…)

When Customer Success doesn’t know why a customer bought a solution, they end up talking about what was purchased and the service delivered. This means they can’t create an effective success plan, discover new opportunities or reinforce value in ongoing conversations…. Ooof that renewal is looking risky.

How much of your messaging is gathering dust in marketing docs? How close is your product team to the business outcomes your customer’s want to achieve? Yeah, we thought so… The trouble is they aren’t getting the live feedback from those value-driven conversations Sales and Customer Success are (or should be) having.

The Cuvama way

A discovery first approach to Customer Value Management

Value starts with discovery and builds
throughout the customer journey
– Wise words from our Co-Founder Alex.

The first step to selling value is fully understanding a specific customer’s pain and the business outcomes they’re looking to achieve – not rushing straight to demo or ROI quantification.

Cuvama’s approach is based on a strong belief that:

Sales teams must lead with a point of view, discover specific customer problems and align on outcomes with the customer. Then connect your unique solution to those problems and outcomes, before collaborating on a business case with the customer, for every opportunity

Customer Success must understand why customers bought a solution, create a success plan based on business outcomes that they can track with the customer, and then actually discover new opportunities for sales (yeah, we went there!)

Product and Marketing must have access to the information on what customer’s really value and should be evolving both the messaging and solution in light of that We looked everywhere for something to help solve this, but found nothing that met the mark.

So that’s why we built Cuvama.

Read more about why now is the right time for Customer Value Management.

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