cuvama helps B2B software companies connect and differentiate with customers on value

  Codify your value proposition

In a couple of weeks, our consultants break down the value you provide to your wide-ranging customers. Behind the scenes, picture a gnarly mapping with many-to-many relationships between challenges, KPIs and outcomes by customer type. 


Engage with customers guides your sales team to easily decipher customers’ needs, strategic goals and business KPIs. It allows them to work collaboratively with multiple stakeholders to start a relationship based on value.

Deliver value

The discovery record is transferred to the delivery and customer success team in cuvama.realise. The success plan objectives are collaboratively tracked driving customer adoption, value realisation, renewal, expansion and a partnership based on shared success.



Insight to continually improve

The digital records of needs and results are used in cuvama.optimise to drive continuous improvement to your proposition, packaging & pricing – creating an end to end, connected value chain that is consistently adopted and executed at scale across your organisation.

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