Customer Stories

Our customers say it best

See how Cuvama is driving results for other companies.

Customer Stories

Our customers say it best

See how Cuvama is driving results for other companies.

The results our customers are seeing

2 x
Win rate

By enabling sales teams to discover value and sell outcomes rather than features

0 %
Increase in deal size

By enabling reps to uncover more customer pain points and connect price to customer value

0 %
Decrease in Sales Cycle length

By helping teams build a strong case for prospects to change based on customer outcomes

Trusted by the best
customer facing teams

Increasing Deal Size
by 43%

Selling on outcomes is the way forward. We all know that – but now Cuvama provides infrastructure to make it achievable
Tom Canning,
Chief Commercial Officer, Zellis

Reducing sales cycle
by 30%

Cuvama was the trigger for our sales team to think differently. We're seeing rep confidence incrase significantly
Jonathan Wood,
CRO Jedox

Scaling value selling efficiently

We’ve been able to get more reps selling value without increasing our Value Engineering headcount
Michael Connery
VP Presales & Value, BetterCloud

Moving reps to value based selling

Cuvama enables reps to explore customer challenges and sell business outcomes
John Zimmerman,
CRO Pando

Aligning sales & CS to customer value

Cuvama is the only solution we found that focuses on managing customer value across the entire organization
Raj Singh,
CEO Altrio

Transferring knowledge to new reps

If you want to refine your sales process by focusing on value-based selling then look no further than Cuvama
Jack Liu,
CEO Procare

Scaling Solution Selling

Cuvama enables us to scale solution selling, ensuring that all sales conversations begin with an assessment of a prospect’s problems & the business outcome their looking to achieve
Matt Benett
Sr. Director Revenue Engineering & Enablement, PROS

Implementing & reinforcing a sales methodology

When I saw Cuvama I realized there was actually technology that could help enable my sales team to uncover pain and demonstrate value
Mark Gemberling
VP of Sales for RFgen

Enabling Sales & CS to align to customer value

We’ve found Cuvama to be groundbreaking. It’s empowered our sales team to consistently discover and align to what really matters to our customers
Shamit Makan
Adapt IT EPM Divisional Executive

Guiding reps to consistently uncover pain & sell outcomes

Cuvama provides a unified platform that guides our reps to consistently uncover pain and connect that to outcomes we can deliver
Bruce Groves
Chief Commercial Officer at Eploy

Enabling reps to build stronger ‘why change’ stories

Cuvama helps our Go-to-Market teams demonstrate the business impact our solution will have on our customers’ problems
Doug Fuehne
Senior Vice President, Customer Impact, Pricefx

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