RFgen Adopts Cuvama to improve win rates by implementing outcome selling


  • Business goal: RFgen wanted to unlock the huge growth potential for their market-leading barcoding software. To do this they needed to accelerate their sales cycles and improve their win rates with customers not already familiar with the problem they solved. Demonstrating customer value and ROI was key to improving these key areas.
  • Challenge faced: RFgen reliably won customers who were already looking at mobile data collection solutions, but struggled to build a strong case for change when it came to prospects who were new to their space.
  • How Cuvama helps: Cuvama works to evolve RFgen’s sales methodology and customer buying process, enabling their sales team to discover a prospect’s burning pain and connect that to the outcomes their leading solution can provide.

RFgen adopts Cuvama to implement outcome selling

RFgen, the market leader in mobile data collection software, saw a huge opportunity for growth for their solution. They were already solving critical problems for more than 3,000 customers who recognized the need to automate their supply chain processes using a barcoding solution.

But to grow significantly with customers not already looking at barcoding solutions, RFgen needed to enable their reps to uncover compelling pain, build stronger cases for change, and sell based on value.

They looked at the various sales methodologies to provide consistency in their sales discovery, but realized they needed something more to enable their reps to implement a new methodology and demonstrate their solution’s value proposition to different personas and industries.

RFgen looked at conversation intelligence and call recording software, but quickly realized that it didn’t improve the customer buying journey or help their experienced reps communicate value.

They found that Cuvama was the only tool that enabled their reps to uncover different prospects’ compelling pain and connect that to the transformative outcomes RFgen’s solution drives. This enables RFgen’s reps to speak to customers not already familiar with their solution and space, educate them whilst building a strong case for change, and sell based on value.


When I saw Cuvama I realized there was actually technology that could help enable my sales team to uncover pain and demonstrate value” says Mark Gemberling, VP of Sales for RFgen

“I knew there were sales methodologies to provide a guideline for sales discovery, but a methodology just wasn’t enough for us.

We needed something to reinforce best practice – to guide and prompt our reps to have the right conversation with different personas about the outcomes we can drive. Cuvama does just that – it was a game changer.”

“RFgen’s commitment to focusing on the outcomes their leading solution can drive means they’re a perfect fit for Cuvama”, says Alex Smith, Co-founder of Cuvama.

“RFgen have an excellent sales team and truly impactful solution. We’re glad that our platform can help them leverage both strengths to really articulate their value to prospects”

Alex Smith_3 1team Alex Smith

About Cuvama

Cuvama is the Customer Value Discovery platform guiding Sales and Customer Success in live conversations to uncover pain, sell outcomes and reinforce success. The best B2B Go-To-Market teams know that customers don’t care about products, they want value. And they’re using Cuvama to ensure they are focused on selling and delivering value so they can win and retain more customers. For more information, visit: www.cuvama.com.

About RFgen

RFgen is a mobile data collection software with 250+ configurable workflows that are fully integrated with major ERPs to enable immediate benefits to your supply chain processes for inventory, warehouse, production, and/or other supply chain activities to the point of work using barcoding workflows using online or offline modes. For more information, visit: https://www.rfgen.com/

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