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Cuvama for MEDDPICC
MEDDPICC is arguably the most widely adopted sales framework within B2B sales. Find out how you can implement and scale MEDDPICC in across your sales team.
Scaling Challenger Sales with Cuvama
Challenger reps are the top performers in B2B sales teams by a significant margin. But building a team of Challengers is easier said than done. Learn how to nail and scale the Challenger Sale across your team with Cuvama.
What Makes Cuvama Different
Cuvama’s unique customer-aligned Discovery-centric approach allows B2B businesses to elevate the customer value conversation. Cuvama is the last stage in the evolution of the buying and selling experience, contrasting to typical value selling approaches.
The Hidden Cost of Poor Discovery
Sales teams are often more concerned about “doing discovery” than about the quality of the discovery done. Ultimately, poor discovery costs your business money. It wastes your sales team’s time and resources and makes your entire business less efficient.
How to Make Your Revenue Growth More Predictable
CEOs and revenue leaders across enterprise SaaS all grapple with forecasting revenue numbers. Getting forecasts wrong means agitated investors and difficulty making strategic decisions. Leaders should be able to look at a pipeline and say that a deal has X chance of closing within X months...