Webinar: New Research – Value Selling Adoption & Impact Benchmarks

The First Ever Research
into the Impact & Adoption of Value Selling

Selling B2B tech is harder than it’s ever been.

As much as 70% of B2B sellers are failing to meet their quotas according to a Pavilian study. While 61% of deals are lost to no decision as buyers are sticking with the status quo. The good news is that our latest research with 100+ B2B SaaS businesses (in partnership with Genius Drive) reveals there is a solution – value selling.

Following a value selling approach helps overcome a lot of today’s challenges in B2B selling, leading to huge improvements in Win Rates, Deal Sizes and Sales Cycle Length. In fact our research revealed that companies will see on average a massive 10% increase in New Business revenue for every 10% of their sales reps adopting value selling.

But the businesses will only see this magnitude of outcome if they get the formula right.

In this webinar, we reveal our latest research into the impact of Value Selling on Sales performance, how to scale it across a sales team, and the enablement needed to ensure the best sales rep adoption.

In the webinar with the Co-Founders of Genius Drive we cover:

  • What impact Value Selling has on Sales performance?
    • On Win Rates, Deal Sizes and Sales Cycle Lengths?
  • What combination of enablement has the best results? 
    • What’s the right ratio of Business Value Engineers to Sales Reps?
    • What Value Selling Tools drive the best Win Rates?
    • Which enablement improves Sales performance most?
  • How do you drive the best sales team adoption?
    • How much does Value Engineering support drive sales rep adoption?
    • Which tools and enablement have the biggest impact on adoption?
    • What are the biggest blockers to scaling value selling and how to overcome them?

Watch the full webinar now

Download the full research

Read the full report to understand:

  • The typical impact Value Selling has on Win Rates, Deal Size and Sales Cycle Length by different team size
  • The full data and benchmarks Business Value Engineering teams
  • The detailed breakdown of what Value Selling enablement has the biggest impact on sales performance
  •  Our complete recommendations on how to implement and scale Value Selling
Value Selling Adoption & Impact Report
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