The Future of Value Engineering

This podcast covers

You don’t want to miss this eye opening discussion about the future of Value in SaaS. Tom Pisello (Founder of Alinean, ex-Chief Evangelist at Mediafly & now founder of Genius Drive) shares what he’s seeing in the market and his thoughts on what comes next.

In this podcast with Cuvama Tom covers: 

  • The headwinds facing SaaS companies in 2024 and the role of Value in overcoming these (2:20)
  • The 3 big mistakes organizations make in trying to implement Value (10:00)
  • Value Realization and how Value works with Customer Success (13:10)
  • The future of Value Engineering and recommendations for how to evolve the function (18:00)
  • How to enable Value across Sales & Customer Success effectively (27:10)

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Cuvama: The platform guiding Sales & CS to have a conversation about value

Cuvama takes a discovery-first approach to Value.  Built for reps to easily adopt, it uses your unique value proposition to guide Sales & CS to discover customer pain, talk about outcomes & realize value.

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