Cuvama Raises $2.75M in Seed Funding to make it easy for B2B Sales teams to sell on value

London based Boost Capital leads funding round; New York based m]x[v ventures doubles down on support for first value selling platform in Europe. 

London, [31st May 2024] – Cuvama, the leading Value Selling Platform that empowers B2B sales and customer success teams to discover, sell and deliver value, today announced it has raised $2.75 million in a seed funding round. The round was led by London based Boost Capital and saw reinvestment from New York based m]x[v ventures, who led Cuvama’s pre-seed round in March 2022, and Berlin based Angel Invest. This new funding will be used to accelerate the platform’s generative AI capabilities, responding to the growing demands of the market where the need to scale value selling has dramatically increased. 

Scaling Value Selling beyond the Top 20%

In today’s economic environment where scrutiny on tech spend has sky-rocketed, B2B software vendors are increasingly under pressure to prove value 24×7 to earn their place in the tech stack. Value selling frameworks like MEDDICC, Challenger Sales, SPIN etc, have been around for decades, but classroom training and static deliverables has means that adoption of value selling has been limited to the top 20% sellers. Cuvama unlocks value selling for the 80%.  

Not surprisingly, the market for value automation tools has rapidly developed in the last 24 months, evidence of which includes the release of the first-ever buyer’s guide of value platforms, highlighting 15 providers, and G2’s introduction of the first category grid for value selling. 

Cuvama: Uniquely Positioned to Lead with a Focus on Ease of Use

Cuvama is set to lead the Value category, distinguished by its commitment to adoption by sales representatives and ease of use during the sales cycle. Recent research from Genius Drive involving over 100 B2B SaaS companies underscored the impact of Value Selling, showing that for every 1 in 10 sales representatives adopting value selling, B2B businesses will see an additional 10% increase in new business revenue. However, it also revealed that only 19% of sales representatives adopt value selling, highlighting the need for a solution focused on usability. 

Unlike existing solutions in the market, Cuvama prioritizes simplicity and engagement by users. This approach has garnered recognition, with Cuvama named the highest performer with the highest user satisfaction and easiest to use in G2’s recent market study. 

Tom Pisello, also known as the ROI Guy and Founder of the Enterprise Value Collective, as well as a Partner at Genius Drive, highlighted, “In an era where 70% of sellers are missing their quotas, (1)

Cuvama is solving a fast growing need for B2B enterprise revenue teams, and we are delighted to double down our support”,

Mark Ghermezian, General Partner at m]x[v ventures.

It is only a matter of time before value tools are a part of every tech stack. 

Our thesis at Boost Capital is that B2B technology needs to evolve fast; digital natives demand a B2C like app experience.

There was a strong philosophical alignment with Cuvama’s vision, and their relentless focus on UX,”

said Ignacio Monereo, Partner at Boost Capital. 

Tom Pisello, also known as the ROI Guy and Founder of the Enterprise Value Collective, as well as a Partner at Genius Drive, highlighted, “In an era where 70% of sellers are missing their quotas, (2)
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Cuvama is on a mission to revolutionize the way companies sell and deliver value

said MG Gurbaxani, CEO & Co-founder of Cuvama.

Businesses are aware of the need for consistent value selling, but investments to date have been focused on optimizing for the top 20%. Cuvama democratizes value selling across the bell curve of sellers  

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About Cuvama

Cuvama is the Value Selling Platform built for Salespeople, guiding them to discover pain, sell outcomes and deliver value to customers. The best B2B Sales teams understand that delivering great sales performance means selling value – not products. They rely on Cuvama as the platform to drive better adoption of their discovery and value selling methodologies, resulting in winning 2x more, 43% larger and 30% faster. 

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