Cuvama, the first native Customer Value Management Platform, raises £1.1M

Cuvama, the first native Customer Value Management Platform, raises £1.1M

  • Cuvama, the first native customer value management (CVM) platform, has raised £1.1M in pre-seed funding.
  • The round is led by New York based m]x[v Capital along with strategic angel investors, including B2B SaaS CEOs and industry leaders.
  • The funds will be used to raise market awareness for the CVM category, grow the Sales and Delivery teams and complete the integration between Cuvama and Salesforce.
  • Led by B2B SaaS industry veterans, Cuvama is changing the way B2B technology companies sell and deliver value to their customers by focusing on customer outcomes over product features and functionality.

London, United Kingdom (March 25, 2022) Cuvama, the first native customer value management (CVM) solution, today announced that it has secured a pre-seed Series funding round of £1.1M.

The investment is led by m]x[v Capital, a NYC-based VC focused on early-stage B2B SaaS investments. Additional backers include Angel Invest, Tokyo Black Fund II and B2B SaaS industry leaders.

Mark Ghermezian, m]x[v’s General Partner and Co-founder and former CEO of Braze (NASDAQ: BRZE) commented, “Value management infrastructure is addressing a new, growing problem that B2B subscription businesses face, and it is only a matter of time before it becomes a critical part of the tech stack. The Cuvama founders have unique expertise in this space, and have approached this problem with empathy, setting them apart from the unidirectional solutions out there. We are excited to be partnering with Cuvama on this journey in category creation.”

Cuvama was founded in 2017 as a management consultancy and evolved into a technology company in early 2021 after its founders identified the need for a technology-based solution to improve the B2B buying and selling experience. The Cuvama platform re-orients the sales, delivery, renewal and proposition development cycle from product-centric to value-centric through an on-going dialogue between SaaS buyers and sellers. Each Cuvama module spans a part of the customer journey, enabling SaaS businesses and their customers to match product capabilities to desired customer outcomes.

An early Cuvama customer, Zellis, nearly doubled its win-rate and increased its average deal size by 43% after adopting over a year ago to improve its value-selling capabilities within its Sales team. Cuvama’s existing customer base are value-forward B2B SaaS businesses headquartered in the UK, Europe and the US.  Live users include Sales Development Reps, Account Executives and Customer Success Managers.

MG Gurbaxani, co-founder and CEO of Cuvama, said: The Cuvama team has spent decades in the B2B software industry, and we’ve lived the pain of long, protracted sales and delivery cycles that stem from a misalignment on success outcomes. Cuvama’s disruptive approach is discovery-centric, shining a spotlight on the buyer’s needs instead of the seller’s product offering. We are delighted to have m]x[v Capital and B2B SaaS industry leaders in Cuvama’s corner to propel the next stage of our growth.   

Alex Smith, co-founder and platform visionary, added: Our vision is to break down the value silos that exist between businesses and their customers and across their sales, customer success, product and marketing teams. Today, businesses are attempting to solve this problem with highly skilled consultants and excel tools that have many limitations. Cuvama will provide the infrastructure to scale.


About Cuvama

Cuvama is the first native customer value management (CVM) platform that evolves the buying and selling experience for B2B technology companies.  Each Cuvama module spans a part of the customer journey, enabling SaaS businesses and their customers to match product capabilities to desired customer outcomes. This results in improved sales performance and customer adoption and value realization for the SaaS business. The Cuvama platform customer base spans B2B SaaS businesses headquartered in the UK, US and Europe.

About m]x[v

m]x[v Capital is an early-stage (pre-seed/seed) technology venture capital firm focused on funding and founding the “picks and shovels” of B2B SaaS and infrastructure. m]x[v believes that big ideas are brought to life through ambitious dreaming, strong business operations, and disciplined founders that are key in shaping the future of how our world operates. m]x[v was founded in late 2021 by Mark Ghermezian, an investor, founder, and operator whose expertise, network, and knowledge of the cloud market will be leveraged to build the next generation of leading cloud companies.

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Leyre Iniguez
Marketing at Cuvama

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