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Sales leaders report that while 80% of their teams think they do a good job with discovery and value exploration, sadly only 20% actually do!

Watch this webinar to learn where you and your team are on the 7 levels of discovery and how you can level-up the 80% with skills and support from technology platforms like Cuvama. You can also read a webinar summary here.

This webinar is targeted at anyone in sales, presales, sales & presales management or leadership for B2B software and SaaS companies.

You will learn:

  • How to assess your team against the 7 levels of discovery
  • How you compare against the other attendees of the webinar via interactive discussion and a quick survey
  • How you can improve the level of your team with improved skills, process and technology

Featured speakers:

Alex Smith brings 17 years of pre-sales and value-selling experience selling and leading B2B and B2C sales teams selling multi-million-dollar contracts. Alex’s passion now as CCO and Co-Founder of Cuvama is helping fast-growth SaaS companies effectively communicate their value proposition and “get” their value-pricing potential across the Land, Renew & Expand phases of a SaaS subscription relationship. LinkedIn profile.

Peter Cohan, the founder of Great Demo!, helps software organizations achieve their sales and marketing objectives by making their demos crisp, compelling and surprisingly effective.  Peter has experience as an individual contributor, manager and C-level team member in marketing, sales, and business development.  He has also been and continues to be a customer. LinkedIn profile.

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