Cuvama announces partnership with ArticulateIT

Cuvama to release exciting new application developed in partnership with ArticualteIT

  • Start-up tech business Cuvama releases a sales and marketing-support application developed in partnership with ArticulateIT 
  • Support from AIT ensured that the solution successfully enables SaaS companies to generate higher quality leads through early engagement on customer outcomes

London, UK, July 4th 2022 –  Cuvama today released a new application for their existing Customer Value Management platform, a sales and marketing support tool developed in partnership with ArticulateIT, a Nordic-based team of CRM and Salesforce consultants.

The partnership has been announced at a time of change for the B2B software industry. Software providers face increasing competition and shifting buyer expectations, driving the need for constant innovation.

ArticulateIT assisted Cuvama in designing and developing a new application for their CVM platform that makes it easier for B2B SaaS companies to capture and qualify hot leads. By more effectively engaging with prospective customers to uncover key challenges and desired business outcomes earlier in the qualification process, Cuvama & ArticulateIT enable SaaS companies to better differentiate from the competition and mitigate purchase risk for buyers in a time of increasing economic uncertainty.

With a team of diverse experts in various technologies, AIT worked with Cuvama to evolve their existing application as a sales and marketing support tool and integrated this into their current process of managing customer relationships.  

Alex Smith, Co-Founder of Cuvama, said:

“ArticulateIT is a dynamic, knowledgeable team and their expertise is clear through the work that they produce. Working with them has been an incredible experience that has allowed us to shape, modernise and launch this new solution to better support companies with their sales processes”.

Jonathan Pautler, Founder of ArticulateIT, said:

After seeing Cuvama, our team quickly saw the impact it could have on customers as a value driven platform, and at the same time identified an opportunity for how we could further optimize the existing product to be utilized as a lead qualification tool in the sales process. We are thrilled to have worked with Cuvama to modernise their tool to effectively qualify leads and filter new opportunities for the SaaS companies.”


About Cuvama

Cuvama is the first native customer value management (CVM) platform that evolves the buying and selling experience for B2B technology companies.  Each Cuvama module spans a part of the customer journey, enabling SaaS businesses and their customers to match product capabilities to desired customer outcomes. This results in improved sales performance and customer adoption and value realization for business. The Cuvama platform customer base spans B2B SaaS businesses headquartered in the UK, US and Europe.


About ArticulateIT

ArticulateIT (AIT) is a Nordic based team of CRM and Salesforce experts and consultants empowering organizations to manage customer and client relationships through automation. AIT consultants are specialists in their area with decades of experience from management roles at leading firms, driving change, and establishing efficient processes. AIT has a goal of helping organizations optimize their operational management to bridge the gap between IT and Business and aims to provide a complete strategy tailored to its customer’s unique objectives


Media Contact

Leyre Iniguez
Marketing at Cuvama

Zellis Customer Story

The Bain Capital portfolio company approached Cuvama to solve the challenge of transitioning from a features and functions-centric sales process, to an outcomes-centric selling and delivery culture.
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