Author: Leyre Iniguez

Many B2B SaaS companies base their business model on monthly subscriptions or rolling contracts. The flexibility this offers is attractive to customers – it implies the SaaS will continuously deliver business value to customers month-on-month. Because if it doesn’t, customers can easily switch to a competitor.
The Future of Value Engineering
You don't want to miss this eye opening discussion about the future of Value in SaaS. Tom Pisello (Founder of Aliean, ex-Chief Evangelist at Mediafly & now founder of Genius Drive) shares what he's seeing in the market and his thoughts on what comes next.
Why now is the time for Customer Value Management 2.0
With the explosion of enterprise B2B SaaS solutions in the last 15 years, there has been a shift in power from the SaaS vendor to the customer. Customers can buy more easily, churn more easily, and they need to see value 24 x 7. This led to the birth of a deliberate focus on Customer Value, and a new category called Customer Value Management.

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