Cuvama announces partnership with Intrinsic Executive Search

Cuvama announces partnership with Intrinsic Executive Search

  • Start-up tech business Cuvama partners with Intrinsic Executive Research
  • The partnership will allow the companies to work closely with software businesses who are aiming to codify and systematise their value propositions while upskilling and increasing the performance of their sales teams

Cuvama is pleased to announce a partnership with Intrinsic Executive Search Ltd, a leading SaaS Executive Search firm with operations in Europe and North America.

CVM technology like Cuvama enables B2B companies to increase conversion rates and deal sizes, whilst increasing the performance of their Sales and Customer Success teams. The need for CVM technology is increasingly urgent as B2B software companies are failing to adapt to the changing demands of the customer, lacking the in-house expertise, value-based tooling, and infrastructure to support the transformation.

The partnership will allow Cuvama and Intrinsic to work closely with SaaS firms who are aiming to upskill and increase the performance of their entire sales team. Cuvama’s platform enable SaaS Sales Leaders to take the attributes of their best and consistent over-performers and implant those skills and behaviours in the rest of the team.

Will Edward, Chief Sales Officer at Cuvama, said:

“Our B2B SaaS customers tell us their top sales performers are all the most prolific users of Cuvama. They also tell us that their new logo revenues have grown and that they have more sellers making quota than ever before. It feels like we have solved the problem—and as with all good solutions, it was very simple.  We are excited about the partnership with Intrinsic and how we can assist their network of Executives running SaaS firms.”

Ben Watkins, Director and Co-Founder at Intrinsic Executive Search, said:

“We strive to support our SaaS clients to be as effective and successful as they can possibly be. The success of their Human Capital in key to their success and growth and one of the key reasons why we believe working with Cuvama can help our Executive Leaders. The partnership with Cuvama is an important value-based relationship that will undoubtedly bring more value, growth and business acceleration to our clients.”

This press release originally appeared on Intrinsic Executive Research.

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