Cuvama announces partnership with Selling Outcomes

Cuvama announces partnership with Selling Outcomes to accelerate market adoption of outcomes-based selling

  • Cuvama and Selling Outcomes will work together to support B2B SaaS vendors with their value transformation strategies
  • Cuvama provides a Customer Value Management solution that will be complemented by Selling Outcomes specialist value selling training and coaching

London, UK, June 13rd 2022 – Cuvama, the first native customer value management (CVM) solution, is pleased to announce a partnership with Selling Outcomes, an advanced value-based sales training and coaching agency.

The partnership will allow Cuvama and Selling Outcomes to work hand-in-hand to provide a full value-based go-to-market process and a Customer Value Management (CVM) solution that will enable Marketing, Sales, Customer Success and Product Marketing teams to engage in an end-to-end value-based relationship with their customers.

There has never been a better time for SaaS businesses to start their transformation from product centricity to true customer value and outcomes centricity. The need for CVM technology is increasingly urgent as B2B software companies are failing to adapt to the changing demands of their customers, lacking the in-house expertise, value-based tooling, and infrastructure required to achieve the transformation.

The combination of Cuvama’s CVM platform with Selling Outcomes’ training services will enable SaaS vendors to quickly codify and communicate the measurable business outcomes they deliver to their customers, empowering their teams to drive up win rates, deal value and net retention.


Will Edward, Founder & Head Coach of Selling Outcomes, said:

“Today’s economic uncertainty is causing nearly half of B2B opportunities to end in ‘no decision’. The combination of Cuvama’s CVM platform and Selling Outcomes sales methodology and training will dramatically reduce buyer risk perception and bring revenue predictability to back to vendors. The result? Double new logo win rates and subsequent improvement in net retention”.


MG Gurbaxani, Co-Founder of Cuvama, said:

The training and coaching services from Selling Outcomes will add great value to Cuvama and its customers, accelerating the transformation of B2B marketing and sales organisation from selling product to selling customer outcomes”.


About Cuvama

Cuvama is the first native customer value management (CVM) platform that evolves the buying and selling experience for B2B technology companies.  Each Cuvama module spans a part of the customer journey, enabling SaaS businesses and their customers to match product capabilities to desired customer outcomes. This results in improved sales performance and customer adoption and value realization for business. The Cuvama platform customer base spans B2B SaaS businesses headquartered in the UK, US and Europe.

About Selling Outcomes

Almost ½ of all B2B purchases are abandoned. Buyers would rather do nothing than risk a failed project or uncertain outcomes. Selling Outcomes methodology, playbook and training enables sellers to neutralize buying risk – doubling win rates and ensuring a far greater level of deal predictability. We do this by 1. moving the engagement away from selling product capabilities to alignment on specific measurable outcomes 2. de-constructing sales pursuits into bite-sized incremental ‘wins’ with verifiable exit criteria for both buyer and seller and 3. de-risking the sale by providing continuous insight into buyer intent and fit.


Media Contact

Leyre Iniguez
Marketing at Cuvama

Zellis Customer Story

The Bain Capital portfolio company approached Cuvama to solve the challenge of transitioning from a features and functions-centric sales process, to an outcomes-centric selling and delivery culture.
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