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Meet Leyre Iniguez

Our multi-skilled, multi-lingual marketer

Our product marketing manager Leyre Iniguez gets involved in many aspects of our business and has a wealth of B2B SaaS experience. Leyre was also our very first employee and joined us before Cuvama was even an idea. This means that she has been instrumental in developing the innovative solution that we offer today.

What do you do at Cuvama?

I have a hybrid role; I do some marketing, product marketing, project management and customer success. At a company our size, it is common to wear many hats! I’m also lucky enough to be the first employee that joined MG and Alex on the Cuvama adventure.

Starting a brand-new company is like raising a child; it is both the hardest and most satisfying thing you’ll do in your life. Bringing a concept born in Zoom calls to life was not easy. It all started a couple of years ago with some sticky notes and frameworks on an online whiteboard. Since then we’ve nurtured these ideas into a tangible solution that helps our customers achieve their success outcomes.

My natural curiosity has always helped me along the way. I have worked closely with software engineers and this gave me strong product and technical knowledge. At the same time, my experience with customers means that I understand our users’ perspectives and the wider market. My experience allows me to work where the solution, the market, and sales all meet and I believe that this makes me a better marketer.

Why did you join Cuvama?

When I graduated from university my goal was to join a big tech company and work my way up the corporate ladder. During my early career, I enjoyed working in the B2B SaaS corporate industry. Although this route was promising long-term, it wasn’t very exciting. I wanted to work somewhere I could have an impact, see visible growth, and have the freedom to innovate and experiment.

To the Leyre of three years ago, Cuvama represented a truly challenging and exciting project where I could become the best version of myself. I knew that this path would involve more responsibility and that it would be more demanding, but at the same time it would give me more growth opportunities and satisfaction.

As someone with a can-do attitude, I also wanted to learn what it takes to start a business from the ground up.

Cuvama has given me the opportunity to achieve my career goals. We have a dream team that believes in its mission, holds itself to high standards, and is driven to challenge the status quo. It is the perfect place to strengthen myself as a person and a professional.

What excites you most about the future at Cuvama?

The number of opportunities! For example, our team has an exciting opportunity to make an impact in the customer value management industry, as well as on individual B2B subscription-based companies. The personal growth opportunities are also exciting.

We have recently closed our first round of investment, which puts us in a strong position for growth. It is a unique experience to build something with a smart team and be part of its growth from the very beginning. This is a new phase, and although I know it is going to come with highs and lows, I cannot wait for it!

What would your ideal weekend look like?

London offers endless options to make good use of your free time. What I enjoy the most is catching a train on Saturday morning to a beautiful hiking area in the countryside. Walking or cycling are always good options—but it always needs to be followed by a nice, cosy pub!

For city-based days I’d opt for some language practice and studying (big cities offer a lot of opportunities for polyglots like me!) and collaborating on some of my preferred sustainable cities projects.


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