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Scaling your B2B SaaS Start-Up:

3 common go-to-market mistakes to avoid

More than 75% of SaaS start-ups fail, even after they believe they have a product-market fit. Where do start-ups go wrong in their quest to cross the chasm? There are three common, and often fatal, GTM (go-to-market) mistakes:

  • Selling product – As you move to selling to the early majority, you must clearly articulate the problems you solve and the value delivered – rather than features and functionality.
  • Founder-led sales – To grow your revenue you have to scale the communication of your value proposition beyond founders & a handful of experts.
  • Chasing everything – With limited resources, it’s critical to qualify and disqualify fast to focus your time on qualified prospects and avoid wasting time on “poor fit” opportunities.

What do all three of these challenges have in common? A failure to enable value discovery and value selling at scale. Conversely, start-ups that are able to effectively guide their customers in aligning on business value outcomes are seen as trusted partners, reducing the sense of purchase risk that many buyers associate with start-ups.

This webinar is targeted at CEOs, Founders and Sales & Marketing leaders who are building and scaling B2B SaaS start-ups.

Featured speakers:

Alex Smith brings over twenty-eight years of B2B sales, pre-sales and customer success experience. Alex’s passion as Co-Founder of Cuvama is helping fast-growth SaaS companies effectively communicate their value proposition and “get” their value-pricing potential across the Land, Renew & Expand phases of a SaaS subscription relationship. LinkedIn profile.

Ton Dobbe is a strategic product marketing expert and recognized global influencer on marketing, AI, and Innovation. With over twenty-eight years of experience in enterprise business software, he is the author of The Remarkable Effect, podcast host, speaker & founder of the Value Inspiration agency, a growth consultancy focused tech-entrepreneurs where they help B2B software CEO’s grow their businesses. LinkedIn profile.
Will, the author and creator of the Selling Outcomes methodology and playbook, started his career selling high value, complex technology solutions. In 1996, he founded an enterprise software distributor which grew very fast and subsequently sold. In 2020 he realised he’d developed a methodology for selling complex, game changing software. It’s key attribute was the predictability it brought to a very unpredictable, high value software world. Since then he’s used the Outcomes methodology to lead multiple enterprise SaaS builds and turnarounds – leading to category leadership, strong valuations and successful exits for investors LinkedIn profile.
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