Author: Austen-Dev

Cuvama and Zellis expand relationship
There’s truly no going back to the old world of meeting buyers and building relationships face to face. The B2B sales world has changed forever. Just as many industries, ‘enterprise’ software firms will also need to adapt to survive. How easy is for them?
Meet David Beriev
Our Lead Solution Engineer David Beriev ensures the perfect fit between our customers’ needs and the Cuvama app. Get to know him better in this personal interview.
Key life lesson on value
It was the summer of 2015, and I was a smitten new Dad. But after a couple of weeks of sleepless nights, I was secretly delighted when I was asked to join this sales opportunity in California as the value engineer…
Cuvama announces GBuilder as new customer
GBuilder adopts Cuvama to further its focus on bringing value to its customers in the construction sector. Adopting Cuvama means that all sales reps will sell with confidence and ensure prospects understand the value that the GBuilder’s BIM solution can bring.
Meet Saagar Sinha
Our Delivery and Customer Success Lead Saagar makes sure that our customers get up and running with Cuvama in quick time and successfully sell and deliver on value.
Cuvama announces Pando as new customer
Pando chooses Cuvama to scale the effectiveness of their value discovery teams across the APAC and North American markets. The team feels empowered with an easy-to-use solution to drive value conversations with prospects.
Cuvama announces ProCARE as new customer
ProCARE chooses Cuvama to highlight the value of optimising compensation for healthcare organisations. Early results demonstrate how ProCARE’s go-to-market strategy is becoming a game-changer with promising shorter sales cycles and business benefits.
Cuvama welcomes Toby Flenley as Sales Lead
Cuvama welcomes Toby Flenley as its new Sales Lead. “I’ve seen countless engagements where Sales teams struggle to uncover the true value of their solution with a prospect. I'm excited to join Cuvama because it solves that exact problem”, said Toby.
ebook: From Start-Up to Scale-Up
This ebook provides Seed and Series A start-ups with the frameworks they need to help them accelerate growth by enabling them to get away from selling solutions based on features and functions and start selling customer outcomes.
What Makes Cuvama Different
Cuvama’s unique customer-aligned Discovery-centric approach allows B2B businesses to elevate the customer value conversation. Cuvama is the last stage in the evolution of the buying and selling experience, contrasting to typical value selling approaches.
The Dream Team
The complexity of B2B SaaS means that a variety of roles and skill sets are needed for any win. On a whim, I decided to see if I could draw a parallel between the roles played in a sales / pre-sales context in SaaS and those in football…
Meet Edgar Ngwenya
Our product lead engineer Edgar keeps our tech running smoothly. His main focus is leading the development of Cuvama’s Platform, ensuring that it is scalable, reliable and performant.
The Hidden Cost of Poor Discovery
Sales teams are often more concerned about “doing discovery” than about the quality of the discovery done. Ultimately, poor discovery costs your business money. It wastes your sales team’s time and resources and makes your entire business less efficient.
Meet Leyre Iniguez
Our product marketing manager Leyre gets involved in many aspects of our business and has a wealth of B2B SaaS experience. Being our very first employee, she has been instrumental in developing the innovative solution that we offer today.
Zellis Customer Story
Zellis approached Cuvama to solve the challenge of how to transition from a features and functions centric sales process to an outcomes centric selling and delivery culture. We spoke to Zellis Chief Commercial Officer Tom Canning to find out more.